A Naked, Outdoor Misadventure

Women’s sexual health is a pet topic of mine. Sitting outside in a cast iron bathtub in Northern California, I imagined would be a perfect time to hang out with my husband and indulge in a little of what Christina Northrup talks about:

“Normally when we think of the work ‘pleasure,’ we think about sex, but sexual pleasure is a whole body experience of the senses. All pleasure is sensual in nature as we allow our bodies to dance with the creative energy of the universe. Life is sexually transmitted.”

A time outside to feel warm water and lean against another misguided human who likes being naked in nature.

But than all my dreams of reliving a one tub Cialis commercial were shot to hell. The water heater was only working for 20 second spurts leaving me and Cory sitting in a lukewarm pool of liquid as we struggled to dump out the cool water. At which point, the small fire next to us began heaving lava bombs (otherwise known as cinders) at our bathtub. The first one managed to burn an area that I don't wear in public while I struggled to take cover behind the lip of the tub. I could almost hear a small demon from Dante’s inferno yelling, “direct hit!”

Cory swearing pulled the wooden bench between me, the cast iron tub and the fire. (During this naked, heroic effort he took a cinder to the face.) We fiddled with the heater and finally got the desired temperature (which at this point was a little uncomfortable on a certain area).

Either way I got a little pleasure out of the universe because I almost peed in the bathtub from laughing. I also realized this is how a Cialis commercial should really be portrayed - laughter is the best aphrodisiac for life.


- Dr. O'Connell

Abby Laing