Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ND?

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are trained as holistic primary care physicians that focus on prevention and wellness, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of disease. NDs attend post-graduate training at accredited naturopathic medical schools for 4 to5 years. They learn standards of conventional medical care as well as traditional and innovative naturopathic therapies. The naturopathic principles, therapeutic order and the determinants of health are integrated into their education and guide their practice.

The naturopathic principles include treating the whole person, finding and treating the cause of disease, trusting in the healing power of nature, doctor as teacher, do no harm, and prevention. The therapeutic order is a hierarchy of naturopathic intervention that assists in finding the appropriate level of intervention for each patient. The determinants of health allow one to understand what maintains health and how health is disturbed.

I love my doctor, do I have to chose you or them?

Of course not! We are happy to work with other providers, share notes (with your permission) and collaborate care.

Do you accept insurance?

We sure do. We accept most forms of insurance and are preferred providers with Aetna and Blue Cross. Since all plans are different and specific, we highly recommend calling your insurance company first to ensure that your plan covers naturopathic medicine.

What about Medicaid, Medicare, and tricare?

In the state of Alaska Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare do not accept NDs. Tricare does however cover Acupuncture. We will work with cash pricing for people who have one of these insurances and do not have a secondary. If you have a secondary, we will bill your secondary after we get a denial from Medicare/Medicaid.

Can you do physical exams?

Yep! We can do a regular head to toe physical and order any annual labs that you may need.

Can I choose to have an ND as my primary care doctor?

You sure can!

Can I bring my kids in?

You bet! We see kids from birth on up for well child checks and/or for specific issues. We love helping kids learn how to lead healthier lifestyles and prevent disease before it presents.

What does a typical visit look like?

A new patient visit can last up to 90 minutes. We want to get a full picture of your story, your health, and your journey thus far. We’ll do a physical exam, order any necessary labs and discuss a treatment plan from there. We want to really get to know you so we can better help you. Follow up visits are usually 60 minutes but sometimes 30 if you just have a simple acute issues (like UTI, cold, flu, etc).

what should I do to prepare for my first visit?

3 days before your visit, log in to the patient portal and fill out your health history- this will save time so that you get more time with the provider and helps maximize your visit. If you have had recent labs, get a copy and bring them in with you. You can also sign a release in the office so we can get them for you. Be sure to come early to sign a few forms, and have a cup of tea while you do it. If you were unable to fill out the online health history come at least 30 minutes early and you can do it on our computer in the clinic.

How do I make an appointment?

You’ve got options! You can schedule through the portal at your convenience, any time day or night. If you know you’ll need a follow up, it’s best to schedule before you leave the clinic so that you know you have the day and time you want. And you can always call us- we’re here for you between 8:30-5:30 M-F.

Do I need a referral for acupuncture?

Nope! Just call to schedule. If you want us to bill your insurance, you may want to give them a call and see if they cover acupuncture before your visit.

Do you do acute care visits?

We do! These may be 30-60 minutes depending on what’s going on. Examples of acute visits are: sore throat, yeast infection, STI screening, UTI, fevers, cough, etc..

What do I do if I need a referral?

If you need a referral then insurance wants specific information from us (ie- physical exam, necessity, etc) so we will need to see you. Make an appointment with one of the doctors and we can get that taken care of.

Are you going to make me change my diet?

Maybe, maybe not. We want to meet you where you are and treat you with the plan that best fits and feels comfortable for you. We may make suggestions that you don’t like and are not willing to do, and that’s ok! We’ve got lots of tools and tricks up our sleeves. Change takes time for anyone and our willingness to actively participate in our own health varies. We’ll meet you where you are and develop a plan together.

I have biometric screening paperwork or annual work physical forms that need to be filled out, can you do that?

You bet! Bring the paperwork in with you as some have different requirements for labs and/or vitals. They typically require a full physical exam and screening labs.